Florida Bid Reporting Service Inc.

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The Service

Tapping Into The Agencies
Hundreds of agencies are canvassed weekly under the Florida “Freedom of Information” statutes (F.S. 119) to determine what is flowing through the purchasing departments for bid. Our collection system has been developed over twenty (20) years and is most comprehensive.

Offer: A sampling of the many agencies in this canvass may be obtained with our compliments by calling 850-539-7522 or by email. Ask for the “agency list.”

The Bids
All bids are processed through us without prejudice. Our Service does not favor any particular bid category over any other.

We pick up ALL the bids being released by each agency and divide them into major categories for distribution.

We also provide you with all the agency information you need to order out the bid/proposal package including electronic links to the agency, where available.

Offer: For a free, complimentary copy of a week’s bid activity to check out our format call 850-539-7522 or email and ask for a “complimentary copy.”

Annual subscriptions are sold on a quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. Call us now and ask about any “Introductory Discount” or “Promotion” that may be in effect to introduce you to our service. Call 850-539-7522 for pricing information.

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