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About Florida Bid Reporting Service

What is the Florida Bid Reporting Service?
Established in 1986, "Florida Bid" is a private corporation. It is not a government entity or a function of state or local government. Its mission is to provide its business subscribers impartial and unbiased access to current upcoming "buys" from state, county, and municipal governments within Florida.

What will Florida Bid do for me?
We'll provide you with Florida bidding opportunities that you would otherwise miss. Weekly, we tap into the new bid releases from all state agencies; all state universities; and hundreds of cities, counties, school boards, water management districts, community colleges, etc.

We'll give you the bid number, title, opening date, and agency information for hundreds of new ITBs and RFPs. Additionally, we will give you the agency information necessary to order out the bid package including electronic links, where applicable. With our help, you can easily become a "player."

I'm a registered vender, why do I need Florida Bid?
Florida statutes no longer require that all registered vendors be notified of the "buy". They routinely pick and choose from their vendors as to who receives bid notices. With the detailed information we provide, you can easily order the bid packages that you otherwise would not know about.

How else can you help me?
From time to time we make available to our subscribers various types of other helpful offerings - legal information, bid guidance, helpful hints, agency lists, etc.

How will I receive the weekly bid information?
The "bulletin" is emailed or faxed each Saturday. Additionally, our secure internet site will contain all the bid information, including Federal bids. All subscribers have access to our secure internet site at no additional charge. "Quick turnaround bids" are transmitted as received.

Do you have a track record?
Florida Bid Reporting Service, Inc. is the oldest state-wide bid service in the Nation. Since 1986 we have assisted aggressive businesses in securing government contracts. Many of our subscribers have been with us for years. The letters that have come our way say it all. Our bid information has been invaluable in winning Florida bids. Our service has been declared by many as the standard by which others are measured. The marketplace speaks!

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes! If there is any dissatisfaction, for any reason, the remaining semiannual or annual fees will be returned. We pride ourselves on our professional reputation built and maintained over the span of our many years of service.

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